Dog Daycare - Grooming - Boarding
Visiting Vet Services for Low Cost Vaccinations
Provided by: Veterinary Clinic of East Harlem
301 East 110 Street - East Harlem NYC - (212) 534 - 2470

Happy Faces

We are here for your dog all day every day - 24 Hour Supervision

We Do PickUps and Deliveries


and Wellness

for your Dog

NY Dog Daycare offers personalized attention, and tender loving care for your dog. Here in NYC, we maintain an open environment, which means there are no cages used during any of our services. Whether it be Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding, Dog Grooming or our Dog Pickup and Delivery Services.

We Walk Our Dogs Outside

All of our doggie guests are walked outside several times during the day. We also take advantage of a beautiful dog run just two blocks from our uptown NYC location as well as Jefferson Park and Central Park, both also located close by.

Special Puppy Dog Care

Puppies are also welcome, we have a special puppy area just for them to feel happy and secure in.

We Have Dog Pick-Up and Delivery

To make things easy for you, we open early, so we will be here to accept your loving dog when you drop him or her off on your way to work, or for your convenience, we offer dog pickup and dog delivery services as well.

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Doggie Daycare Photos

Happy Dogs
After a good meal is nap time!
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Cuddly Dogs
Enough napping, Time to PLAY!
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